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What We Do


A. REVCON will assist you with:

  1. Budget figures for the project being considered.
  2. A Specific Proposal for the caisson work being bid.
  3. Any information about caisson construction that may assist you including what kind of caisson or shaft is best suited for the ground conditions anticipated and why.

B. Type of work REVCON is interested in:

  1. Straight shafts and belled caissons
  2. Rock caissons
  3. Drilled piles
  4. Drilling for soldier piles
  5. Dewatering wells
  6. Shaft drilling for various purposes

C. Area of operation:

  1. Chicago Metropolitan Area
  2. Midwest Region

D. REVCON works safely:

  1. REVCON’s President, General Superintendent, Job Superintendents and Foremen are all current with OSHA’s 30 Hour safety course and First Aid Training. We are all committed to ensuring that all of REVCON’s work is completed correctly and safely.

Contact REVCON Construction Corporation with any questions or to get started.

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